Our story

A wealth of experience across borders, industries and audiences
  • Started in 2012
  • Created a #1 app in the app stores
  • Stockholm based with global connections
  • Founded by tech entrepreneur and TEDx speaker Susanne Birgersdotter
  • Global team with cross-industry experience

It was in 2012 when Susanne wanted a math app for her daughter and could not find one that it all started. She did one with no prior knowledge and put it out on the appstore. That app is still around today, used by schools all over the world. Soon followed what became a milestone in the company history. The 5:2 fast diet was getting headlines in the UK and us getting hold of the information of the launch date for the first 5:2 book and the lack of apps on the market it was an instant success getting to number one in a few weeks to the amazement of the app companies around.

Having developed a number of successful apps since 2012, by 2014 it was time to enter the field of location-based gaming.

The field is new, with Pokémon Go as the first and biggest instant mobile app success of all time. The gap in the market, and the growth of this particular genre of gaming, was identified by Sthlm App Lab founders Susanne Birgersdotter and Peter Åsbrink.

Susanne and Peter founded the company iGotcha Studios, and put together a professional team to make their location-based game a reality. They currently enjoy a very promising position, with the new game being prepared for beta testing and the marketing team preparing for launch at the end of 2017. With the combination of cutting edge technology and a great gaming development team, iGotcha Studios aims to be a dominant player in the segment.

We now have several similar projects in the pipeline, all set to perform well.